Energy Fusion

A powerful healing modality combining various techniques, based on testing of the clients subconscious and connection to spirit.


The session will begin by tapping into the clients subconscious and connecting both practitioner and healer to great spirit as well as any guides/helpers. With this connection established the practitioners use a variety of methods including but not limited to Channeling, Medical Intuition, Bodycode and Kinesesiology to test the client’s subconscious. They will then, based on this reading, determine the most appropriate technique(s) needed and perform any of a wide variety of these – specific to the person’s individual needs at that moment. Healing modalities used include Bodycode, Access Consciousness, Reiki, Healing Touch, EFT, TFTand many more.

$150 for a 60 minute session


Usui Reiki Master Teacher, certified EFT-TAT, Student of Healing Touch, Facilitator & Teacher of Guided Imagery & Meditation

Usui & Tera Mai Reiki Master
Shamballa Reiki Practitioner, Certified Bodycode Practitioner, BodyTouch, Certified EFT, TFT, Medical Intuitive