EFT — or Emotional Freedom Technique — can allow us to let go of the old, unwanted energy and thoughts that keep us stuck.

I’m offering this class in the hope that a group of us will meet and begin our connection and ascension to the Higher Realms.

We are all here for an important Mission.

What’s yours?     What’s mine?     Does it matter that we know?

How about connecting to the Quantum energies that DO know … the energies that support us in our journey?

Our EFT class starts us with our own questions. Are we to do something? What is it? Are we ready?

From there we go into a space of connecting and joining energies that can support our journey.

Attend this class and see what you see. See what you desire. See what is here for you!

I invite you to open and unleash your own unique journey into “who you really are.”

I look forward to seeing you on the Third Thursday of each month for a unique and informative class!

Thursdays: 6:00 – 7:30pm

I am also available for healing sessions at Blue Heron Center most Fridays. Please contact me for available times.

Candace Green

National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center in Angel Fire, Inc.